Diana Crane Citret

     As a child, I loved to draw and my early photographic years were self taught.  At the San Francisco Art Institute I took life drawing , ceramics and sculpture.  Then shifting to experimental filmmaking, I submerged myself in the scene at Canyon Cinema in the late ’60’s.  Having spent most of my youth in The Bay Area, I was ready for a change and moved to Aspen, Colorado.  By chance I discovered Cherie Hiser’s Center of the Eye photography school in the basement of the Hotel Jerome.  Because of a wide range of photographers who taught that summer, my eyes were opened to the fact that photography could be an art and one didn’t need to depend on the use of a darkroom !   The next year brought me to Rochester, N.Y. and the Visual Studies Workshop.  While in Rochester, I worked with an early version of the Xerox machine which produced images resembling graphite.  The prints made with that machine were one of a kind and I often hand colored or manipulated them.  I found that working with non-silver processes  such as photo silk screen, gum printing and blue printing allowed me to combine my knowledge of art and experiment with photography without using a darkroom.


MFA in photography and filmmaking from the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester,  N.Y. 1974, Nathan Lyons-director.


1974-76 Taught photography to young people at the Center of the Eye, now in Sun Valley, Idaho. Cherie Hiser, director.


The mid 70’s through the mid 80’s was a vital time in The Bay Area art scene and I had the good fortune to befriend an art dealer who  introduced me to artists, dealers and collectors who were nationally and internationally known. My portfolio from this time includes both color and black and white unposed portraits.


In the early 80‘s I married the photographer Mark Citret. Freelance work , mostly candid portraiture and events preceeded and followed the birth of my twins, Toby and Cole in 1986.  Digital photography became my main way of shooting and printing about 10 years ago but I continue to hand color  the digital prints.

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